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Light and Shadow Luminous Painting

Light and Shadow Luminous Painting

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Power source


Lamp Size:D130*H170mm,D220*H310mm



Material: Wood+Acrylic

Lamp Source:LED 3 colors light (Cool light / Natural light / Warm light)

Switch Type: (USB PLUG+Dimmable button)/(Rechargeable+Wireless+Touch Switch)

Suitable for:Bedroom, living room, restaurant, bar, office, coffee shop, cloth shop, hotel and so on.

●Have you ever imagined that a painting can not only bring you visual beauty, but also create different atmospheres and emotions through changes in lighting? Now, LED Lighting has realized this wish for you.

●It is an innovative work of art, it is a perfect combination of art and technology, through the change of LED lighting, showing different picture effects, let you feel the charm of art anytime and anywhere.

●It uses high-quality LED lights and acrylic materials, with high brightness, high contrast, high color reduction and other advantages, can show a meticulous, distinct, lifelike picture effect. At the same time, LED lighting painting also has a variety of lighting modes and colors to choose from. You can choose different lighting effects according to different scenes and moods to create your own unique atmosphere.

●Not only that, LED lighting painting is also a unique gift for relatives, lovers, partners or customers to feel your love and sincerity. Whether as a birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, wedding gift, holiday gift or business gift, LED lighting painting can become a meaningful gift.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Tyrel Ankunding

The lighting is not very bright, and the embellishment effect is good. It can also be used as a decoration when there is no electricity. Overall quite satisfied

Lon Bayer

Beautiful, with a strong sense of design, it can also be decorated and used as a night light, so you don't have to touch the dark when you wake up at night

Rachelle Abernathy

In the morning, noon, evening, after a day's work, when you come home and see this, it's really healing. Even if you don't turn on the light and use it as a decoration at home, it's very beautiful

Orin Feil

Very good, with a gentle yellow light at night, it's both clear and beautiful, very artistic!

Colby Hilpert

It's very artistic and I really like it. It's a very good decoration